We are a group of business and organizational design mentors and coaches who are passionate about bringing positive changes to the workplace and running businesses in a different, more humane and authentic way. We believe organisations thrive when people thrive, and that everyone has something to contribute to the world and supporting that contribution is good for business, people and the planet. We believe the time to embrace the future of work is now.

The Team

(listed alphabetical order)

MalekMalek Joseph Jaber is passionate about driving change to make the world a fairer place through self development and organisational design leveraging Teal and Theory U. He is a digital native, born in London, and lived & worked across the globe, with 20+ years international business experience, and has extensive experience in digital product-services for both developed & emerging markets and advising businesses. He is currently mentoring-advising startups, and is the co-initiator and founder of Teal for Startups. Linkedin, Twitter, Angel, Medium and Meet Me.


MoryaMorya Short supports managers and teams to experience greater success, creativity and engagement. She has over 20 years experience working in small business and corporations. She is the creator of the “Thriving Programmes,” which combine workshops and hybrid coaching to transform businesses, managers and teams. She is the founder of POSE and co-creator of Leader Circles. She is currently researching next-generation organisational models, such as the Teal model with a view to integrating best practices into the Team Thriving Programme. POSE Linkedin Twitter Meet Me



StephSteph Thommen is the founder of Ikigai.me.uk, which facilitates the creation of purposeful organisation. She is passionate about creating more fulfilling and engaging workplaces. She has nearly two decades in operations management and organisation development for large corporations as well as startups. Her area of expertise are organisational development, staff engagement and performance improvement. Leader of several distributed, international teams, she specialises in scaling and transforming small businesses to make the difference in competitive dynamic markets. LinkedIn, Twitter, Angel, Meet Me